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Our values

Bet on safe values, buy less but better

Two collections per year composed in priority of pieces adapted to various environments including that of work through shirts and trousers tailors at first. Our collections will be completed very quickly by other types of pieces, dresses, suits, and other tailor sets.

The details of our products

are essential

Neat seams, beautiful cuts, materials with high added value, everything is important. Although some of our materials by their thickness are hard to work, our contractors and we are here to meet your needs.

Every detail is chosen with care for an undeniable behavior of the products in the time.

A wardrobe

Adapted to the woman and to the evolution of her body: we constantly take this notion into account by designing cuts that are pleasant to wear and which highlight the beauty of all! In addition to being elegant, you had to feel comfortable in our products. An alliance between chic and comfort, so that your clothes adapt to various environments and times of the day, work, afterwork, at home or during a weekend.

References renewed from one year to another to find your favorites and have no regrets.

We seek to reconnect with the upscale, the real, for women who are looking for it. It is for them that we create an ethical fashion.

Prices in line with the quality of clothing and the textile market. They correspond to products that make the difference.

Our goal is that the person has access to quality products in a few minutes from home through our digital store while having more information on the clothing she could have in store. Better sales quality: a broader vision of the collection.





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