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75% wool, 15% silk, 10% linen and horn buttons

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Our Trouser and his buttonhole

  • These pants are perfect for lovers of beautiful wool, Asian silk and European linseedmaterials are carefully selected by suppliers of the french house Dormeuil.
  • Speaking of comfort, a cupro lining, a natural fiber from the vegetable cellulose and woven in Italy comes to dress half of the leg. This breathable fabric and the silky touch is a real caress for the skin!
  • Its textured fabric mixes shades of gray and taupe, offering us a very beautiful visual, original and chic. Moreover, this mixture of materials makes of Evippé a flexible garment, resistant in time!
  • The cut was studied not to disadvantage the silhouette as some pants do.
  • Flat folds were created to harmonize the volume in order to combine comfort and elegance.
  • A piping pocket comes to dress the back of the room, an aesthetic note, just like the little "V" present in the center of the waist.
  • Italian pockets have been sewn to comfortably slip in your hands. They remain discreet based on the volume.
  • Its eyelet buttonhole, placed on the side and adorned with three horn buttons made in France, just add a nice feminine touch to this model!
  • From pieces of fabric to buttons, every part of Evipée was assembled by one of the best pantalonniers of France.
  • Their expertise found in every detail of these pants

An incomparable wool: a breeding treated in the respect of the animal and not in the mass production. Mowings made in the rules! A relationship of trust with our manufacturer, a right to look at manufacturing methods from A to Z. Perfect for lovers of the beautiful wool "The sheep requires constant care and particular pastures, far from any pollution"

To find out more, visit our page "Our Values" in the section The Brand.

EEngagements of NOur FEnglish Fsupplier

Spinning in England

Respect for the animal

Silk from Asia

European Linen

Association of colors

Gray-taupe, a beautiful wedding! However do not stop there, a third color such as white, cream, a shade of brown or green can come join our duo. Let's create a nice winter outfit! Of black maybe also used ... but that we already know!

Clothing Association

A blouse or shirt would be perfect with these pants. For a more casual outfit a simple cotton t-shirt for example can just as easily go.

Do not hesitate to put on a little knit (sweater or vest) at the top, do not take cold and the association is top!

This room has the advantage of being as good with a fine pair of basketball shoes, pumps or a small pair of Derbyto see what your feet support best!

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