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100% cotton and silk velvet eaten with mother of pearl buttons

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Our shirt and its amovible collar

  • This tissue a poplin (100% cotton) woven in Italy, has this silky appearance thanks to its structure.
  • Its green color gives pep's to your outfits.
  • The traditional double yoke on the back, allows to create a reinforcement. He could not stay naked: a long, hollow fold gradually opening down adds a feminine note.
  • One of the most complex pieces to make, its art deco inlays gave the assembly a hard time.
  • But the result is there : its solar forms bring cachet to this piece which is originally a basic.
  • This shirt is like a jewel, his removable collar in devoured silk velvet comes to decorate according to your desires your neck, to dress it of reflections in warm tones.
  • The fall of the sleeve was also reflected. A volume effect on the wrist, brings a romantic touch.
  • A round wrist to soften the lines of the garment.
  • His finishes are pledges of longevity in time to the example ofa bias disposed along the button placket on the back of the garment.
  • Finally, in English seams reinforce your blouse.

0 A hidden button placket does not weigh down the visual of the garment and remains very elegant.

As well as mother-of-pearl buttons made in France, with beautiful iridescent reflections.

Association of colors

Green, in addition to being associated with the traditional black, can be easily married with pig, blue, oranges (be careful not to go to too light tones) and Brown.

Clothing Association

Jeans can very well suit if want combine elegance and casual spirit (relaxation), as a chino. If you operate in a more conventional environment, a skirt or tailored trousers go as well. Do not hesitate toassociate with other materials, more matte and less satin than this poplin, this is very pretty! Try, have fun with them contrast games !

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