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Our Expertise

Our manufacturers

Every month, our manufacturers are in contact with our designer to get up to date on the progress of the company and the evolution of the products that make up the collection.

They have been chosen with care since they usually supply and manufacture for large luxury houses or other creators attached to quality.

Process of making a garment Danaïde, from the first drawing to the product on the market!

Some of our fabrics are created, woven and ennobled in France. Not to mention our buttons and a large part of our supplies also made in our beautiful country.

EEngagements of NOur FFilature of theEEst of the FFrance

French creation

European fibers

French Ennoblissement

Responsible production

But not only…

Some of our fabrics such as tailor and lining were spun respectively in England and Italy. We find in his country a real know-how other than that of France. It is good to admit that every country, every continent, has its mastery.

Just like the fibers of our fabrics tailor Dormeuil who come from the four corners of the world, dyears of the farms taking into account the respect animal and vegetable.

EEngagements of NOur FTaillor fabric supplier Taillor

Spinning in England

Respect for the animal

Silk from Asia

European Linen





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