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Our History



Straight from Greek mythology, Danaïde are the daughters of King Danaos. Fifty girls who after fighting their cousins ​​are condemned to fill ad vitam aeternam pierced jars. So for our textile brand we have seen through the Danaïde, the symbol of endless creation.

Vision of a mother

"The story of Danaïde is that of my daughter Anaïs, the youngest of the family who after years of trial and error found her way into creating clothes.

Born into a family far removed from these craftsmanship she has distinguished herself as a child by her penchant for certain fabrics. The Christmas dolls were quickly stripped of their original clothes for outfits made of pieces of old dresses and pieces of rag already assembled with a certain taste.

The women who formed her entourage quickly understood the advantage of having with them someone who, at a glance, was able to compose harmonious outfits.

However, his school career was not immediately oriented towards the artistic: lost in studies that did not suit him, I suggested to him to move towards a school of the design and history of the art, which finally , fell within the meaning.

Was it the right option? Surely since the future became more precise, the more it flourished in the school and it is that it has turned over the years to styling and obtained its various degrees.

The years that followed were those that many young people know. In vain searches of a post in his way. Too young, not enough experience, the usual responses to many new graduates, so she decided to move away a few months time to take a step back. As a sales advisor in a premium prêt-à-porter store, she becomes aware of how difficult it is for women to compose their outfits.

In his family, the observation was the same. Women like her older sister, about forty years old, having to combine professional activity and family life, wanting clothes that correspond to them, find themselves juggling between different brands and the result is inconclusive: collections too young, too quickly outdated or conversely too "merrymaking" as my daughter would say.

How to continue to feel beautiful in outfits combining comfort and elegance?

Comes the click! encouraged obviously by all his relatives. Anaïs decided to create her own collection in accordance with the expectations of these women. Original clothing, beautifully made, ethical, easily adaptable and likely to appeal to the generation of active women.

This is how the first pieces of the collection of my daughter Anaïs, who for the past two years, have been fighting in association with Simon, her companion, for the project to come to life and succeed, were born on the high-end women's ready-to-wear market.

Through his experience in the textile industry, Simon brings to their company a real added value! His vision counterbalances the artistic point of view already present within Danaïde. So our two partners complement each other and bring their knowledge to always learn from each other. "






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